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Rafael Moreno

Rafael Moreno OrtegaRafael Moreno was born in Córdoba where he studied music at the Conservatory of Music. Besides classic guitar, he studied flamenco and electric bass. He finished his studies in classical guitar teacher at the Conservatory of Music in Granada, with excellent marks. He works as a teacher in music conservatories since 1991 and since 2003 he works as a professor teaching classical guitar at the Conservatory of Music in Córdoba, developing over this years the subject of “Transcription for guitar”, among others.

He has improved his knowledge of guitar and electric bass in numerous courses with teachers such as David Russel (classical), Manuel Barrueco (classical), José Tomás (classical), Leo Brouwer (composer and conductor), Manolo Sanlúcar (flamenco), Philip Catherine (jazz), etc. In addition, he has attended courses in composition and improvisation techniques, participating in workshops in ethnomusicology and permanent research seminars.

From an early age and throughout his concert career, his interest in music has accompanied him through genres as diverse as pop, rock, flamenco, “pasodoble”, processional marches, “sevillanas”, shephardic music, jazz and classical. The training of this musician is therefore eclectic, but always with a clear predominance towards classical music.

In the last years he has increased his classical guitar repertoire with his two processional marches and pasodobles transcriptions, as reflected in his two books of sheet music and CDs, distributed nationally and internationally. This musical work highlights the quality, often underestimated, of our popular Spanish music.


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